Stockpile the Earl Grey: The Full Davies Family Comes to Hong Kong


On Lantau Island at the Big Buddha

One of the many perks of being married to Peter, other than having a husband who can use his charm and accent (but mostly his accent) to persuade people, usually ladies but also men and always Americans) to give us an upgrade or a better table by the window and other than having someone who will always willingly prepare the mise en plase for me when I cook, is having terrific in-laws who I genuinely love being with.

And this past month, we had the pleasure of having not only his mom and dad visit us in Hong Kong, but also his brother Geoff, sister-in-law Polly and lovely nieces, Amelie and Maddy. Being that my family is in the US, and Peter’s family is in the UK, we haven’t seen Peter’s side nearly often enough because prior to our move here, it was easier and more economical for us to travel within the US for holidays than back to London. Well, now we’ve really screwed ourselves as we are equidistantly “hellishy-long-flights-with-a-toddler” far away from both families.


Peter’s parents, Richard and Lesley, flew in the Wednesday before the Hong Kong Sevens weekend. Jet lag and general eagerness to see their grandkids had them ringing our doorbell at 6 a.m. the next morning. Though it was early, we were game for the enthusiasm, and having them here suddenly felt like we were on holiday for the first time since we’d moved to Hong Kong.


The (early) morning Grandma and Grandpa Davies arrived.

Geoff, Peter’s brother, arrived Friday morning, the first day of the tournament, and the excitement ramped up even more. The first weekend together was manic, a circus of emotions, because it was my first Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament ever. (Read about that here)


Polly, Geoff’s wife, and their two girls, Amelie and Maddy flew in on Monday morning. It was so great to have them with us again. The last time we’d seen these beauties was when we said goodbye in a hotel driveway in Salt Lake City, as we ended our 3-week holiday together which started in Palm Springs (where we were living at the time) continued on to LA, then to Idaho through Yellowstone and Jackson Hole and back down to SLC. That was almost 2 years ago, and it had been way too long.


Evan was eager to show his cousins the HK life, so the first thing he did was take Amelie to Subway to get a sandwich. And eat it there! American fast food chain aside, Hong Kong life for kids is a unique thing. This city is peculiarly safe and kids gain a sense of independence that couldn’t thrive in cities like LA or London. Or even Idaho Falls! So, even though they were eating Baked Lays and tuna on wheat, they were, in some way, experiencing HK life.

We had an amazing couple weeks with the family. Even though Peter, his brother and parents called Hong Kong home for over 20 years, they still enjoyed seeing it like a tourist as Geoff and Polly’s girls were seeing it for the first time. And honestly, Stella, Evan and I probably still qualify as tourists. Aside from the fact that we are still discovering HK like tourists, we take pictures like tourists. And loudly chew potato chips like tourists. And annoy the locals like tourists. And probably annoy other tourists, like tourists.

We hit all the major sites and spots.


Repulse Bay Beach


On the ferry to Lamma Island


Lo So Shing Beach

Had some wonderful meals together.


Spices at Repulse Beach Hotel

We celebrated Easter together.


And just hung around together.


We had our Second Bi-Annual (is that right? I still don’t know) Davies’ Family Dance Off.

And we spent 37 hours making layered Jell-O together.


We had a fabulous time just being together. When you are with family, you can be in a cabin in the woods and be happy and feel loved. Unless your family is psycho, then a cabin in the woods would be your worst nightmare. Luckily, our family is not psycho. They are in fact, incredibly lovely. And though we love the woods, we got to spend time together in exciting Hong Kong. Better yet, Peter, Geoff and his parents were able to spend time altogether in a place they called home for so long. And that was pretty special.



At the Ladies Recreation Club


Embarrassing Peter’s family (but mostly Polly) with my new selfie stick.


Ice cream posse


Selfie stick on Star Street (looks like Polly has warmed to it a bit).


Sporting the “covered in chocolate” look after a day out with Grandma and Grandpa Davies

We love you, all. And we’ll see you soon…ish. xx

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